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NATO Summit 2018

Vernuccio’s View: Is Turkey Still an Ally?

There is a deeper significance in the move by The United States to suspend delivery of its premier fighter planes to ostensible NATO ally Turkey. The move is in response to that nation’s purchase of a sophisticated air defense system, […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken issue with NATO.

Vernuccio’s View: Putin’s Next Target

Vladimir Putin has made it abundantly clear that he regrets the demise of the Soviet Union, and his actions indicate that he is taking all necessary steps to restore Moscow’s former empire, which enslaved numerous nations. The Kremlin’s massive military […]

by · January 24, 2019 · Opinion, Vernuccio's View
Putin's forces have targeted the Republic of Georgia.

Vernuccio’s View: Sweden Responds to Russian Threat

Sweden, long associated with nonalignment in the Cold War, a peaceful foreign policy, and an armed forces that had come rather close to being barely existent, is taking a dramatic turn. Faced with Vladimir Putin’s expansionist goals, aggressive actions, and […]

by · June 29, 2018 · News, Vernuccio's View
Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Russia Provokes — and Suffers From — Islamic Extremism

Within Russia, the government has both provoked and suffered from Islamic extremism. In most cases, current claims of discrimination against Muslims by those not of the Islamic faith within the western world are without substantial merit, particularly since the conclusion […]

by · June 17, 2018 · News, Vernuccio's View
President Vladimir Putin, Russia.

Vernuccio’s View: “Russian Collusion” Allegations Dismantled

President Trump’s attack on the airbase of Moscow’s ally Syria, as well as the deployment of U.S. troops to nations bordering Russia, further diminishes allegations that Trump is friendly with Putin. The Russians had warned the White House against the moves, […]

by · June 28, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Vernuccio’s View: Kremlin Corruption Sparks Outrage

In 1993, Russian leader Boris Yeltsin, who was a key figure in breaking up the USSR and who served as Russian president from 1991 to 1999, said that “Corruption in the organs of power and administration is literally eating away […]

by · March 29, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
President Vladimir Putin, Russia.

Vernuccio’s View: Russia Continues Threats vs. Europe, NATO responds

Russia is increasingly threatening the security of Europe. Putin is continuing his massive investment in modern weapons. He has formed wholly new military divisions, and has deployed theater nuclear weapons to his borders with European states. The threats extend beyond […]

by · March 23, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
President Vladimir Putin, Russia.

Vernuccio’s View: Russia Works With Taliban

Russia expands its international influence by Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., JD Russia continues to expand its international influence.  After allying with China and Iran, cementing its relations with Syria and growing closer to Turkey, Russia now seeks to regain a position […]

by · February 2, 2017 · Vernuccio's View
President Vladimir Putin, Russia.

Tech Focus: Is Russia Really Behind Cyber Attacks and Seeking to Meddle in the U.S. Election ?

Is Russia’s Vladimir Putin Really Meddling in the U.S. Election? Did Russia really hack the Democratic National Committee?  Is Russia meddling in the U.S. election? The short answer: that’s the official story, but most likely not really.   As Wikileaks releases […]

by · October 22, 2016 · Tech Focus
Vernuccio’s View: Russian Nuclear Weapons Modernize while U.S. Arsenal Diminishes

Vernuccio’s View: Russian Nuclear Weapons Modernize while U.S. Arsenal Diminishes

The NATO summit just concluded has sounded the alarm about Russia’s dangerous actions in Europe. The Hague has handed down a decision against China’s aggression in the Pacific (South China Sea). Iran continues to seek nuclear weapons, and North Korea […]

President Vladimir Putin, Russia.

Russia’s Next Invasion

Another Russian invasion of an Eastern European nation is brewing, and this time the consequences will be enormous. Moscow has combined the threat of overwhelming military force with economic and internal political pressure to pull Bulgaria into its orbit. Russian […]

by · May 23, 2016 · World News