Red Cross Ukraine Relief Efforts Approved

Associated Press reports the Red Cross will head a humanitarian aid mission with Russia’s help that will allow relief for the suffering civilian population in Luhansk – an eastern Ukrainian Province thick with rebel forces.

“The situation is critical – thousands of people are reported to be without access to water, electricity and medical aid,” says Laurant Corbaz, the head of operations at ICRC for Europe and Central Asia.

Details of the operation still need to be worked out before deliveries can start.

Shortly after conversations between President Obama and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday, the humanitarian aid mission was announced.

The Red Cross said a document was shared between both Ukrainian and Russian authorities that requires a safety guarantee for their people from all parties as well as “respecting the organizations neutrality.”

Ukrainian authorities report that the 250,000 residents currently remaining in Luhansk Province haven’t had water or electricity for over a week.

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