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Missouri National Guard Withdrawing from Ferguson

Missouri National Guard Withdrawing from Ferguson

BRONX CHRONICLE – Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon ordered National Guard troops to withdraw from Ferguson after a night of calm and peaceful demonstrations Wednesday night. The small St. Louis suburb has been plagued with violent riots due to police fatally shooting an […]

by · August 21, 2014 · Domestic News, News
Northern Gaza Strip (AFP/Getty Images)

Rockets Fired from Gaza end latest Cease-fire

According to the New York Times, three rockets from Gaza rained down on Beersheba in southern Israel this Tuesday, ending a five-day long cease-fire. During the cease-fire, Palestinian and Israeli officials met with Egyptian mediators in Cairo to negotiate a […]

by · August 19, 2014 · News, World News
Israel Palestine Flags

Hamas Says Real Chance for Peace With Israel

In the midst of the current ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, The Guardian is reporting Hamas “doesn’t want more death but will only sign deal that meets Palestinian demands.” The Islamist organization said they are “not interested in more bloodshed” and […]

by · August 16, 2014 · News, Politics, World News
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson announces the name of Officer Darren Wilson as the man who shot and killed Michael Brown, 18, last Saturday.

Police Officer Identified in Fatal Ferguson Shooting

The Ferguson police officer who fatally shot 18-year old Michael Brown in a suburban St. Louis street has been identified Friday as Darren Wilson. After a week of intense public protests and aggressive police response, the Ferguson Police Department finally […]

by · August 15, 2014 · Domestic News, News
Beloved Actor Robin Williams Dies in Apparent Suicide

Beloved Actor Robin Williams Dies in Apparent Suicide

Robin Williams, beloved actor and comedian, was found dead in his Tiburon, California home this afternoon. The Marin County Sheriff Corner’s department suspect suicide due to asphyxiation. Williams’ body was discovered unconscious by a family member who placed a call to […]

by · August 11, 2014 · Domestic News, Entertainment, News
Red Cross Ukraine Relief Efforts Approved

Red Cross Ukraine Relief Efforts Approved

Associated Press reports the Red Cross will head a humanitarian aid mission with Russia’s help that will allow relief for the suffering civilian population in Luhansk – an eastern Ukrainian Province thick with rebel forces. “The situation is critical – […]

by · August 11, 2014 · News, World News
Patient Zero Identified in Ebola Outbreak

Patient Zero Identified in Ebola Outbreak

Epidemiologist believe a two year old boy who died on December 6 may be patient zero in the Ebola outbreak. The boy became sick in a small village in the province of Guéckédou, which is located in southeastern Guinea. The […]

by · August 10, 2014 · Health & Nutrition, News, World News