Hamas Says Real Chance for Peace With Israel

In the midst of the current ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, The Guardian is reporting Hamas “doesn’t want more death but will only sign deal that meets Palestinian demands.”

The Islamist organization said they are “not interested in more bloodshed” and is open to a “real opportunity” for agreement with Israel during the negotiations currently going on  in Cairo. Egyptian mediators have succeeded in garnering a 5-day extension right before the cease fire deadline this past Wednesday night.

Khalil al-Hayya, the Hamas negotiator, said to reporters, “there is still a real chance to clinch an agreement, but Israel must stop playing with words.”

He also indicated Hamas would not participate in an agreement that did not “meet his people’s demands.” Hayya warned that Hamas could “renew the battle,” with renewed fight.

Negotiators in Egypt are hoping for a two part agreement which calls for Israel to ease “restrictions on imports and exports, increasing the number of permits issued to Gazans to enter or travel through Israel, reducing the size of the no-go “buffer zone” inside Gaza’s perimeter, and expanding the permitted fishing zone.”

At the moment, Israeli and Palestinian representatives have taken a break, but talks are expected to resume Sunday.

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