New Pizzeria on the Block: Patsy’s Comes to Morris Park


Who doesn’t enjoy a thin crusted and finely prepared slice of pizza?

Morris Park residents are able to enjoy more delicious Italian pizza with new kid on the block, Patsy’s Pizzeria.

Opening last month in the Bronx, Patsy’s Pizzeria has a long history in New York City. Established by Italian immigrants, Pasquale and Carmella Lancieri, in 1933 the pizzeria served the growing immigrant community. The original location, 2287 1st Avenue, in East Harlem is still open and an important part of the historical, as well as ever-changing immigrant landscape of the community.

Original Patsy's

Current owner, Frank Brija bought the East Harlem restaurant in 1991 and decided to branch out in multiple locations. Mr. Brija opened seven Manhattan locations, one in Queens with another location soon to come in upstate Nanuet and Brooklyn.

Now located in the Bronx, Patsy’s is looking to stake it’s claim in the community, quite literally. For the Bronx’s Columbus Day Parade, the accompanying Italian flag that is traditionally painted on the street was embellished with Patsy’s logo.

During a busy Friday night, manager John DeFonzo stated, “We have been getting customers from all parts of the Bronx. It’s exciting to see.” before helping to seat a growing line of customers.

Patsy’s pizza is made with a thin crust topped with fresh ingredients. Delicately sliced prosciutto and fresh arugula on top of mozzarella is a personal favorite. The classic Margherita pizza is simple yet satisfying. If pizza is not your thing, there are plenty of great Italian classics to choose from like: Pasta e fagioli, clams posillipo, shrimp scampi, pollo scarpariello, and many more.


The Bronx Patsy’s Pizzeria is located at 980 Morris Park Avenue.

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