Republican Chaos or Representative Democracy?

Chaos abounds!  Or does it?

Wow!. Aren’t u surprised New York!?. We are a Democratic City in a Republican State Majority!

Almost a microcosm mirror image of America today, when looking at the National level.

We are Republican and Democrat State’ divided- from the White House- all the way to the Northwest Bronx.

And as President Obama has to live with healing the Middle East wounds, satisfying israel, not getting into a fight with Russia and try to network international trade with the economy still on the balance

With the economy starting to get a bit better, the President says: ” I can handle America’s ills- by Executive Order!

No you can not President Obama unless you decide to break the law

Can they break the law in NYS?

The IDC is now a part of our system of government, a 5 member team headed by Jeff Klein, to counter balance the chaos in State’ Government

With “The Dream act” and ” The Minimum Wage ” in the balance, Mr Klein is trying to figure out which side to sit down with- now that the Republicans have a 1 vote majority in the State Senate. Mr Klein spent the weekend at the SOMOS NYS Legislative Conference, trying to remind NYS Democrats, he still loves them.

You can even see the seeds of Republican chaos, in the NWBx Bronx local races. NWBx Dems worked with Republican & Democratic Candidate Fernando Tirado in the 78th AD, in The Bronx.

Where locally and historically , Republicans have achieved 3%- Mr Tirado received 11%. You could also see non democratic support in the general election (20%) in the Northeast & upper west sections of the bronx.

And you can see these fights play out, within the ranks of the Bronx Party Dems & Republican parties, just to mention the water filtration plant, as one of many.

You can even see those fights , from the NY Bronx Party Dems (who were once for, now against the building of the filtration plant) vs NWBx Dems (who have been against it from Day 1)
So Elections, 2014! Republican Victory! More divided Government! Such chaos! Or representative democracy telling all of us to get our act together?

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