BREAKING NEWS: State Business Council Backs Ending MMA Ban

The Business Council of NYS, Inc. supports legislation authorizing and properly regulating Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in New York State. Legislation lifting the MMA ban and bringing it under state regulations is currently pending in the NY State Legislature, Bills S.2159 (Griffo)/A.2604 Morelle).

Currently, New York is the only state in the U.S. where professional MMA is not allowed.  With Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) being one of the fastest growing and popular sports in the United States, this legislation would help will bring much needed economic activity to New York’s sports and entertainment venues, hospitality industry and generate additional revenues for the State and local governments.  By some estimates, legalizing professional MMA will generate up to 950 jobs and $135 million in annual economic activity across the State of New York.

The Business Council of NYS, Inc. supports legislation lifting the ban on professional MMA and bringing the sport under the regulation of the SAC.  Also, amateur MMA, which currently is legal and unregulated in New York, would be regulated by the New York State Athletic Commission (SAC) under this legislation.

Our membership includes a number of resorts and sports venues, for which MMA authorization would be a significant development opportunity.  Moreover, our membership supports opportunities for increased economic activity in the state.  And we are always skeptical when New York’s regulatory regime is out of step with that of the majority of other states. In New York City, MMA contests such as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) could book venues like Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium or the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.


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