Polanco Politics: Pass On Public Bail Fund, Go Directly To Jail

Capture_J C Polanco_2015City Council Liberal Monopoly Spells Doom For Quality of Life

by J.C. Polanco, Esq., MBA


The latest ultra liberal policy du jour are two of the most insane proposals this year: providing taxpayer-funded bail and decriminalizing quality of life violations.


How many ill-advised laws can one City Council pass? Well, that depends on how strong the extreme left wing monopoly on city politics gets when led by Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Mark-Viverito and her gang of radicals. Speaker Viverito wants to use your hard earned money to set up a public bail fund for those arrestees, for example, fare-beaters, who cannot muster the money or collateral for bail.


While you’re busy working, trying to make ends meet and paying your taxes, your city leaders want to use your money to free accused criminals. Did they forget what bail is intended for?


Speaker Mark-Viverito should know that bail serves as collateral to guarantee the appearance of an accused to appear at a court date. Without something of value at risk, we have no guarantee that an accused person would appear in court. Bail also takes into account the severity of the underlying crime as well as the flight risk posed by letting am accused go. Those with little means of collateral and weak ties pose the greatest risk.


Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg changed the culture of New York City by executing policies of improving the quality of life in the city.  They did this by hammering down on the same violations the Council now wants to eliminate.  To take it a step further, Police officers would no longer be able to ask for identification when issuing a quality of life summons. Even the flimsy, undocumented immigrant-focused, Municipal ID would not have to be produced. Think about that next time you  and your family are coming home at night and see a punk urinating on the wall of your apartment building while holding a 40 oz bottle of malt liquor.


The Council’s progressive political cabal is hellbent on getting rid of “Broken Windows” policing and providing convicts, criminals and those accused of crimes with some  new public benefit. From mandating that the NYPD not report those in Rikers Island that are here illegally,  to the “ban the box”  legislation prohibiting potential employers from asking job applicants if they have ever been convicted of a crime, to using public funds to bail out those arrested to decriminalizing quality of life violations.


The list of radical proposals undoing the historic declines in crimes  and betterment of our quality of life seems endless. Speaker Mark-Viverito’s progressive gang isn’t focused on helping victims of these criminals.


The only remedy is a reinvigorated, active and vibrant New York City Republican Party that connects with voters and exposes the radical issues the leftist cabal Council continues to propose.


Without opposition, public money is going to fund the bail program for the perpetrators of  crimes that deteriorate our collective quality of life.


It’s simply, insane.

Juan Carlos “J.C.” Polanco, a former Bronx Commissioner and President of the NYC Board of Elections, is an attorney, the NYC Regional Director for the State Assembly Minority Leader and teaches at the City University of New York. J.C. appears regularly on NY1 Inside City Hall, Pura Politica, CNN, Fox News, Bronxnet Open and Univision 41.

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