Bronx Pets – Sasha

Welcome to another edition of Bronx Pets! It’s time to let your stress melt away and say, “Aw”.

Meet Sasha!

imageName: Sasha

Owner: Tanya C.

Neighborhood: Castle Hill area of Parkchester

Favorite Activity: Sasha loves to be cuddled and rocked to sleep (just like a baby!).

Meeeoow! If you read her name in a seductive voice in your head, you wouldn’t be the only one as this cutie is also known as “Sexy Sasha”. Sasha is still a young 9 month old kitten but she loves to be spoiled by her Mom, Tanya. In a perfect coincidence to this girl’s sweetness, Sasha has a heart shaped patch of white fur on her stomach that Tanya says, “reminds me of a Carebear, I guess that’s why she is so lovable!”

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