Bronx Pol Marcos Crespo Makes Best Dressed Lawmaker List

Brad Gerstman’s Annual Best Dressed Pols List

Brad Gerstman, an always impeccably dressed lawyer/lobbyist, once again weighs in on the sartorial splendor of our city and state elected officials.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was the only New York lawmaker/executive to make Gerstman’s list. De Blasio was cited along with several city and suburban state lawmakers.

Bronx Assemblyman and Democratic party boss Marcos Crespo made the list for the first time. Crespo, who has a penchant for the sweater vest, has in the words of Mr. Gerstman has stepped up his game since becoming party boss.

Reached for comment, Assemblyman Crespo wrote in an email, “I’m as grateful as I am surprised to make the list. As for the swagger they mentioned, that’s just The Bronx in me.”

Senator Jeff Klein, a Democrat representing the Bronx and Westchester, made the list for the third time. Senator Klein leads the Independent Democratic Committee in the State Senate.

Due to the New Year holiday, Senator Klein was unavailable to comment on his latest achievement.

When Gerstman first began compiling his annual fashion survey over two years ago, he found that there were quite a few of Albany and NYC lawmakers, despite the prejudices of their constituents, who believe that dressing well is important.

Gerstman believes that the holiday season is the right time to look at those elected officials “whose snappy dressing deserves recognition.”

Asked to explain the inspiration for his fashion-conscious annual list of best-dressed state lawmakers, Gerstman remarked, “I am extremely interested in this and follow fashion very closely; therefore I like to see when people in politics take some fashion risk and stand out amongst the crowd. A comparable female list awaits the judgment of someone with greater expertise in this area than me.”

Gerstman’s list is limited to male elected officials because, as Dirty Harry might say — and Gerstman definitely says, “A man’s gotta know his own limitations.” Well stated, Brad!

The List

Assembly member Marcos Crespo: It certainly appears that being the boss becomes him-since he was elevated to Bronx County Leader, Assemblyman Crespo is dressing the part…Sharper suits, better fits, colorful ties, swagger…

Mayor Bill De Blasio: Our tall mayor has jettisoned the boxy sack suits for a true Empire State look that befits his NYC length. His use of blue shirts and light colored ties is especially pleasing, and as the leader of the greatest city in the world, he looks the part.

Assembly member Philip Goldfeder: Drawn to more conservative attire the Orthodox Goldfeder may be frum but he is certainly not frumpy. He definitely has the look of a politician on the rise-a handsome guy that easily looks good in a suit. Plus wears his yarmulke with pride. Bonus points from me.

Senator Mike Gianaris: what can I say? The man is trying. Added pocket squares to his wardrobe. This Harvard law Grad is trying to break free of the stuffy world where the Ivy League and politics crosses.

Senator George Amedore: The well-dressed king of Kingston may be new to the senate but he’s certainly not new to dressing well. As someone who clearly understands fit, fabrics, and color, Amedore sets himself apart from many of his big city colleagues. It doesn’t matter what the occasion, this senator looks good in a suit and in casual dress.

Senator Phil Boyle: The snazzy boy from Bay Shore lets us know at first glance that, yes, Republicans can have that clean look of a well dressed pol. He does a fine job at it. Boyle certainly gives his senate colleague Amedore a run for his fashion money-looking smart in a sharp suit that goes well with his white hair. And it doesn’t hurt that the senator is part of a well dressed pair-he and his wife always look like a power couple from page 6.

Senator Kevin Parker: What else is there left to be said about the impeccably attired Senator Parker? The man keeps looking better and better. Just when you think his style graces the top of the fashionista hit parade, he steps it up one more notch-colors, fabrics, plus best pocket squares in the business, the list is endless.

Senator Jeff Klein: No best dressed list could be complete without Jeff Klein on it. As someone who always tops this list, Klein knows that there are colleagues always trying to outdo him-and he is ready to beat back the competition. He always looks fabulous dressed in the finest quality suits to grace the Capitol by far.

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