ASP Suspended Through February 1



Cars parked in School Zones marked ‘No Standing – School Hours’ also allowed to remain in place until Wednesday, January 27


NEW YORKThe city has extended suspension of Alternate Side Parking (ASP) until Monday, February 1. Drivers are encouraged, however, to keep their cars parked, avoid any unnecessary driving, and avoid shoveling snow into the street during storm clean-up.


To further limit unnecessary driving and avoid unsafe activity as children arrive to school tomorrow, the City will also take the rare step of permitting cars currently parked adjacent to schools in “No Standing – School Hours” zones to remain parked until Wednesday, January 27. ‎The Department of Education is directing principals to make arrangements for safe drop-offs and pick-ups. ‎


Curbside collection of trash and recycling will be suspended on Monday, January 25 as Sanitation crews focus on snow removal.


“To bounce back from this record storm, we need drivers to continue staying off the roads. This suspension of alternate side parking will ensure we can limit any unnecessary traffic so our sanitation crews can do what they do best,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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