CD 17 Candidate George Alvarez Tweet Sparks ‘100 Democrats’ Civil War

Committee of 100 Democrats Clash Over George Alvarez

George Alvarez_100 Democrats

The above tweet tagging Bronx Chronicle managing editor Michael Benjamin (@SquarePegDem) sparked a firestorm of controversy and finger-wagging between members of the Bronx Committee of 100 Democrats and a Queens rump group headed by former Bronx resident (and 100 Democrats co-founder) Garth Marchant. In the middle holding the bag was a stunned 17th Council District candidate George Alvarez.


The campaign of former Assembly candidate George Alvarez took an odd turn after Mr. Alvarez tweeted on Tuesday that he had received the endorsement of the Committee of 100 Democrats, only to have Bob Press, second VP of the Bronx political group, post on Facebook that his group had not endorsed Alvarez. By Wednesday evening, political gadfly and former Bronxite Garth Marchant took to Facebook replying that his Queens Chapter of 100 Democrats, not the Bronx Chapter, had endorsed the City Council candidacy of George Alvarez.


“I, Garth Marchant endorse Alvarez. I am In-charge (sic) of the Queens chapter of the 100 Democrats, we endorse Alvarez’s campaign. As one of the founding father along with Dominic Fiasco (sic) [Fusco] & Agustin Alamo of the [Bronx] 100 Democrats. Now a State wide (sic) organization. We have the right to endorse whom ever (sic) we want,” responded Mr. Marchant in a Facebook posting of his own.

Garth Marchant_100 Democrats



Bob Press, Ricky Martinez and former council candidate John Perez shot back that Marchant was not authorized to endorse anyone or to establish a Queens chapter of the 100 Democrats. Via Facebook, Perez demanded a retraction and hinted at unspecified civil consequences.


John Perez_100 Democrats


“The committee of 100 democrats has not endorsed any candidate for the 17 CD Special elections (sic) as Executive Director of The Committee I demand an immediate retraction of statement or face civil consequences,” wrote John Perez.


Calling the Alvarez claim of an endorsement false on his blog, Bob Press wrote a 2:30 AM Thursday Facebook post adding, “The Committee of 100 Democrats has not, did not, and will not endorse George Alvarez.”


Earlier Wednesday evening, Alvarez haplessly posted, “Who do I believe?”

"Who do I believe?

“Who do I believe? Credit: Northwest Bronx Democrats Facebook page


It seems that Alvarez’s initial effort to show the support of a group of Bronx Democrats has disintegrated. Sources familiar with his campaign say that Alvarez needed to show support of Democrats because his campaign finance disclosures show that he paying Republican Party operatives, such Fred Brown and Ernest Kebreau, to direct his City Council bid. The two men were paid a total of $3400.


Mr. Brown is chairman of the National Black Republican Council and a member of the Republican National Committee. And Ernest Kebreau is a registered Republican and a former Conservative candidate for State Senate in the 33rd Senate District.


Earlier this month, Alvarez was an honored guest at the Bronx Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Dinner. On Facebook, Alvarez posted that he received a standing ovation. He posted pictures with NYS Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox and Fred Brown on Facebook.


George Alvarez_Bronx GOP Lincoln Day Diner_Facebook

Ed Cox, chairman of the NYS Republican Party, George Alvarez, and Fred Brown at the Bronx GOP Lincoln Dinner, 2/3/2016. Facebook


In recent candidate forums, Mr. Alvarez has denounced the leaders of the Bronx Democratic County Committee for engaging in politics as usual and undermining voter choice. It remains to be seen if these developments will hurt or help Alvarez at the polls next week. Turnout is expected to be low.


The special election will be held on Tuesday, February 23rd. Polls will be open for voters to cast their ballots from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.


The 17th Council district includes the neighborhoods of Longwood, Hunts Point, Concourse, Concourse Village, Crotona Park, Melrose, Morrisania, Mott Haven, North Brother Island, Port Morris, and Soundview.


Editor’s Note: One of above-cited Facebook posts was made on the page maintained by the Northwest Bronx Democrats. It has been corrected.

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