In Their Own Words: George Alvarez, Bronx For All

A Bronx for All of Us

George Alvarez


We need to expect more from our representatives and more from our city.

As a child of immigrants, who worked hard, got a good education and became a successful businessman and community leader, I know firsthand the power of jobs, education and opportunity.

I am running for the City Council to knock down barriers, uplift all Bronx families and to give this Bronx district the honest, hard-working and committed representative it deserves.  I am running to fight passionately for the people of this District and be a loud voice for them in city government.

The fact is for too long our communities have been ignored.

While crime is down in other parts of the City, here we still have a crime problem and do not feel safe and secure in our homes and neighborhoods. While jobs are increasing elsewhere, we have more than double the unemployment rate as the rest of the City. While the most shelters are placed here, we are not getting the resources and services our senior citizens and others need. And while other schools improve, our public schools continue to have overcrowded classrooms and our children are not getting the chance to succeed.

These challenges won’t be easy, but I’ve defeated tough challenges all my life.

Growing up, we didn’t have much. But through hard work and the help of teachers and the community, I was able to succeed. I earned two Masters Degrees and started a business providing high-performance technology solutions and strategies to businesses, community groups and political campaigns. And I worked to give back to the community by helping low-income Bronx residents obtain loans to start and grow their businesses, pay for education and buy their own homes.

I’ve bought a home here where I grew up and am raising my young family. We do not have to settle for the way things are.

We need to create good jobs by raising the minimum wage, expanding community based job training and helping small business start and grow. We need to promote safety by advancing better relations between the community and police, getting guns off the street and providing universal after-school programs to make sure our children have a place to go and learn. And we need to protect and increase affordable housing by making sure our people aren’t forced out of our neighborhood and requiring that affordability is defined by what is in the pockets of the people that live here.

In this special election, we have the chance to make things better.  We can’t keep doing things the same way in which our representatives are selected in back rooms instead of elected by the people. I will stand up to the political bosses and special interests and stand for you the people of the Bronx.

This special election is about empowering the people to make their voices heard and build a better future. It’s about working together to knock down barriers and uplift all the people of the district.

Here’s my promise to you: if you vote for me on Tuesday, I will be there every day working with you to make this happen.

I ask for your support. Together we can do great things.

George Alvarez is running for City Council in the 17th District on the Bronx For All independent ballot line in the February 23 Special Election.

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