Wrongfully Arrested Bronx Man Beaten by Cops Sues City

Wrongfully Arrested Bronx Man Beaten by Police Sues City


A wrongfully arrested Bronx man, Trojan Hart, who was beaten by police in the back of a Bronx police precinct when he refused to remove his jewelry, is now suing the city. Not only was he arrested without cause, but after the beat down, he was accused of assaulting police. A jury found him not guilty of assaulting the police officers, which now allows Hart to “pursue his civil claim with the city,” according to The NY Daily News.


According to the lawsuit he filed in Manhattan Federal Court, he was allegedly punched in the face repeatedly by cops, and he was left with a fractured orbital bone and his sight was permanently damaged. The incident occurred in summer of 2014, when Hart and his wife were having a “birthday cookout.” The officers “nabbed” him after an alleged noise complaint came in (although according to Hart’s lawyer, he has found no record of a 311 call of a noise complaint at the victim’s home). The lawsuit alleges he was then taken to a back room in a Bronx police precinct, where the officers beat him when he refused to take off his gold chain and wedding ring.


He was then arrested and charged with “beating police officers,” when the cops said he was the aggressor. His arrest photo shows him with a huge welt on his left eye. His case was taken to a jury, who rejected the officers’ version of the events that took place, and Hart was acquitted when the jury found him not guilty of assaulting police officers. Now, Hart is suing the city over the injuries he sustained by the police during the incident.


“Police brutality and wrongful imprisonment cases are not rare, and public awareness has been growing on these cases as more and more incidents come to light,” said Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay.

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