Press Clips: Crime Spikes in The Bronx

Bronx Police Statistics for Year Ending 2018 Show big increase over 2017

By Robert Press

The year-end 2018 NYPD Comp Stat report shows a 25 percent increase in murder, and an 14+ percent increase in rape over 2017 in the Bronx. A breakdown of the twelve Bronx police precincts shows only the 46th and 47th Precincts had a decrease in both murder and rape statistics for 2018.

When confronted at a news conference Tuesday following the announcement of the New York Care Program, Mayor Bill de Blasio questioned this reporter’s figures. De Blasio asserted that all New Yorkers, including Bronx residents, believe that the city is the safest it has ever been and suggested that we check our figures with the NYPD but that if more resources are needed in the Bronx, they will be assigned.

Soon, I will take the mayor up on his offer, and request a meeting with the Police Commissioner, or a designee, to review the Comp Stat Murder and Rape data per Bronx precinct.

Crime Categories By Bronx Police Precincts

NYPD CompStat report year ending 12/30/2018

40th Precinct Murder – Increased 133.3 percent.

Rape – Decreased 17,8 percent.

41st Precinct Murder – Increased 33.3 percent.

Rape – Increased 95.2 percent.

42nd Precinct Murder – Same as 2017.

Rape – Same as 2017.

43rd Precinct Murder – Increased 30 percent.

Rape – Increased 30 percent.

44th Precinct Murder – Increased 22.2 percent.

Rape – Increased 37.5 percent.

45th Precinct Murder – Decreased 100 percent

There were zero murders in this precinct for 2018.

Rape – Increased 30 percent.

46th Precinct Murder – Decreased 10 percent.

Rape – Decreased 28.2 percent.

47th Precinct Murder – Decreased 37.5 percent.

Rape – Decreased 8.3 percent.

48th Precinct Murder – Increased 37.5 percent.

Rape – Increased 7.4 percent.

49th Precinct Murder – Increased 133.3 percent.

Rape – Increased 92,3 percent.

50th Precinct Murder – Increased 133.3 percent.

Rape – Increased 87.5 percent.

52nd Precinct Murder – Increased 250 percent.

Rape – Increased 15.4 percent.

The above percentages come from the NYPD Comp Stat Report comparing the year ending 2018 to the year ending 2017.

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