Police Arrest Suspect In Killing of Carey Gabey

Several elected officials reacted to the arrest of a suspect in Carey Gabay’s murder. Among those reacting was New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for whom Mr. Gabey worked.

“Carey Gabay was an exemplary public servant who lost his life in a senseless tragedy. Today’s arrest is a major step forward in the pursuit of justice for Carey’s family and loved ones. I commend the investigators and prosecutors for their tireless efforts to ensure those responsible for Carey’s death are held fully accountable for their actions,” said Governor Cuomo in a statement.

Carey Gabey was a 43-year-old attorney for the state of New York and father-to-be, when he was hit after gunfire broke out between two groups in the early morning hours before Brooklyn’s West Indian American Day Carnival last September.

Governor Cuomo, whose 2013 SAFE Act was one of the toughest packages of new state gun laws to pass in recent years, responded to Gabey’s shooting by calling greater national gun control measures. No new measures have been enacted.

NYC Public Advocate Letitia James also released a statement.

“The senseless violence that took his life is unforgivable. I applaud our law enforcement on today’s arrest, a major step in bringing justice for this heinous act. My thoughts and prayers continue to be Carey’s family and loved ones during this difficult time,” said Public Advocate James.

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