Vernuccio’s View: Ignored Dangers

Both ISIS-motivated attacks and rising threats from Russia and China are becoming a fact of everyday life. It is increasingly evident that many elected officials both in the United States and Europe appear to be philosophically incapable of acknowledging the reality that a no-holds barred, total war is being waged against the west by radical Islam, and the foundations of overwhelming military threats are being laid by the leadership in Moscow and Beijing. These seem to be ignored dangers on our doorstep.

In the wake of a recent attack on the passengers of a German train by an Afghan refugee shouting “Allahu akbar,” swinging an axe, injuring five people, news reports that  Renate Kunast, a Green Party member of Parliament, criticized her nations’ police for shooting and killing  the perpetrator.  “Couldn’t they have just shot to disable him?” she asked.

She is not alone. Despite horrific acts of mass violence by refugees, including a vast number of sexual assaults in one night by 2,000 Islamic refugees in Cologne, Berlin’s leadership seems aloof, responding only when bad publicity became significant. (The crimes were initially covered up by authorities, the same as mass sex assaults in the United Kingdom were ignored by local authorities there.)  Breitbart reports that  “Both the scale of the crimes committed and the nationalities, religion and ethnicities of the assailants were obscured by both government and the media. Similar attacks in Hamburg and Stuttgart were simply not reported by journalists at all.”

The United Kingdom’s leadership wholly ignored the justifiable concern of their citizenry that un-vetted refugees, many of them military-age young men, presented a danger to their nation, a concern that motivated voters to authorize withdrawal from the European Union.

The explosion of crime in Sweden, formerly one of the safest nations on Earth, by refugees has altered the very character of that nation. Again, the fears of the people have been long ignored.

The U.S. President shares a similar mind set.  When an Islamic extremist killed Americans at Fort Hood, he called the incident “workplace violence.” After the terrorist assault in San Bernardino by two individuals who had recently been given gifts by the very people they shot, the President—whose full name is Barack Hussein Obama and who had Islamic training as a youth, lectured the American people about nonexistent bias against Moslems. Following the massacre in Orlando, he talked about limiting the rights of Americans to own guns.

This is the same President whose withdrawal of troops from Iraq led to the rise of ISIS. The same Administration that called ISIS a “JV Team” that shouldn’t concern Americans. The same President who broke precedent and opened negotiations with the Taliban, so instrumental in bringing about the 9/11 attacks.  The same President who, along with his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, dishonestly tried to blame an American film maker for the Benghazi attack. The same Administration that did nothing to punish the real perpetrators of that attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.  The same President who has given a speech in a mosque led by terrorist sympathizers.

Beyond terrorism, the sheer blindness of many in leadership to acknowledge the rising military dominance of Russia and China is truly troublesome. The threats are not in distant lands. For both Americans and Europeans, the danger is close to their own borders. Russia has militarized the Arctic to the north of the U.S. Both Russia and China have established military relationships and bases in Latin American and the Caribbean. In Europe, Russia has attacked both Ukraine and Georgia in recent years. Moscow has moved powerful forces to its borders with Eastern European nations, and has used its air force to harass naval vessels close to the home waters of western European nations. In Asia, China has threatened virtually all its neighbors.

Both Moscow and Beijing have spent vast sums to rapidly accelerate their military growth.  They have been successful in their quest.  It is uncomfortable and disturbing to admit, but the reality is that the Russian-Chinese axis has eclipsed the American-NATO alliance as the most powerful military force on the planet.

This reality, of a west besieged by terrorists within its borders and by the armed might of Russia and China without, is wholly ignored by the White House and many of its European counterparts.

Frank Vernuccio serves as editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy & Government.

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