Garifuna Coalition

This fall, New Yorkers are voting for their next city officials, including their City Council members. Eight of these City Council races are in districts in which the incumbents are not seeking reelection. NYC Votes, the voter engagement initiative of the NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB), has launched a new program to bring candidate community forums to these open seat districts. These forums will provide voters with an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates in these races. The CFB is pleased to announce that the following organizations have been selected to host Bronx forums:

District 8: Hispanic Federation, Inc. District 13: Faith in New York, District 18: Garifuna Coalition USA, Inc.

All candidate forums will take place before the primary election on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017. Details on date, time, and location for each forum will be announced when available.

This program aims to increase voter turnout in NYC and provide voters with the tools they need to make informed choices at the polls. Organizations were selected based on their organizational capacity, demonstrated ability to conduct nonpartisan voter engagement activities, ability to meet program requirements, and plan to attract a diverse group of community members for the event. Selected organizations will receive a grant of $1,500.

“We often hear from voters that they don’t have enough information to participate in local elections. We’ve launched the Candidate Community Forums initiative to change that. With local organizations at the helm, these forums will provide voters with an opportunity to meet the candidates vying for office, and to learn how they plan to address important issues in their communities,” said Onida Coward Mayers, NYC Votes Director of Voter Assistance.

Garifuna Coalition“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with NYC Votes to host a candidate forum in New York City Council District 18, to increase voter turnout and empower voters to make informed choices on Election Day,” said Jose Francisco Avila, Chairman of the Board of Garifuna Coalition USA, Inc.

“Hispanic Federation is thrilled to host a Candidate Forum for District 8, a community we have deep roots in and continue to proudly serve. This forum allows our vital community in El Barrio to have direct access to the candidates who seek to represent them, and become informed voters on the policy issues that impact them and their families. We look forward to providing a platform for New Yorkers in El Barrio to have their voices heard!” said José Calderón, President of Hispanic Federation.

“Following the national election in 2016, Faith in New York’s member congregations and leaders have been planning for local civic engagement work in the Bronx and citywide with a campaign called Faith Over Fear. We are honored that our members’ work in District 13 is being recognized, and we look forward to continuing to educate the public about the candidates’ vision for the district and the voting process while also educating our candidates on what faith-based social justice institutions and our members see as priorities for their communities,” said Analisa Freitas, Bronx Organizer for Faith in New York.

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