The Art Of Rap Will Be On Display

By Jason Gonzalez

Chances are if you’re fan of hip hop and are between ages 32 to 50 years old, you more than likely feel a sense of contempt towards the genre right now. New “Skool” rap is an acquired taste that connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the culture can’t commit to memory. Some are appalled that the current fan base accepts “mumble rap” as the standard.That’s not to say that “ol’ skool” fans are any better but at the very least, you could understand what was being said in the songs we used to bump. You’d be hard pressed to find that today.

In case, you’re suffering from the real hip hop blues or just the proverbial “vintage bug,” Ice-T has the proper remedy to heal what ails you. The cure is known as the Art of Rap Tour, which hits the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York next month on November 4.

Art of Hip Hop Tour, November 4, 2017

Art of Hip Hop Tour, November 4, 2017

Originally, the Art of Rap was a 2012 documentary film produced and directed by Ice-T. The documentary, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival focused on the craft of penning the lyrics to some of rap’s most memorable songs. As for the artists featured in the project, they were all connected to Ice-T in some shape or form. They were either his colleagues or friends, and in some case both. Which made it easy to move forward, bringing his creative vision to life. Ice-T has now brought the majority of the emcees featured on the program with him on a nationwide tour.

On Saturday, November 4, all of the hip hop loyalists in attendance can expect their favorite rappers to take them on a nostalgic journey down memory lane. Make no mistake about it, New York City will be in the building, with the majority of the five boroughs, along with Long Island, and you can’t forget New Jersey to be represented.

All of the acts performing on this epic night, include Noreaga, from Lefrack City in Queens. The God MC: Rakim Allah from Wyandanch, Long Island. The dynamic duo of EPMD repping Brentwood, Long Island. The “Smooth Operator” Big Daddy Kane coming straight out of Bed Stuy, in Brooklyn. The Ruler Slick Rick hailing from uptown in the Bronx. Jamaica, Queens native and LB Fam member IV life, Mr. Cheeks is on the bill. Shaolin representors [Staten Island] and Wu-Tang alum Raekwon and Ghostface Killah will touch the stage as well. “Boogie Down” Bronx major and hip hop veteran Chuck Chillout will be on the wheels of steel [turntables]. Concluding with a fitting tribute to rap pioneers and legends the Sugar Hill Gang from Englewood, New Jersey and Bronx natives Grandmaster Melle Mel and Scorpio from the Furious 5.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased at either ticketmaster or the Kings Theatre box office located at 1027 Flatbush Avenue. The box office scheduled hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 12 pm to 5:30 pm.

Prices vary from $55, $65, $75, $90, and $130.

 It should be fun to witness all of these skilled word smiths, story tellers, and masters of the English language do what they do best. Which is to spit clever rhymes, while making our heads bop in the process. The basic starter kit for any true hip hop aficionado.

For any other ticketing inquiries, you contact the Kings Theatre box office at 718-856-5464 or you can e-mail them at

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