Holiday Shopping Halted by Water Main in Bedford Park

Holiday Shopping Halted by Water Main in Bedford Park
by David Greene

Several business worked feverishly to reopen after holiday shoppers visiting a strip of stores along East 198 Street were turned away after an early-morning water main break in Bedford Park.

Water streams down East 198 Street after an early morning water main break in Bedford Park.–Photo by Jim Velez

The FDNY was called to the “major water main break” at 7:17 a.m. on Tuesday, December 19, in front of 2842 Grand Concourse, at East 198 Street.

According to witnesses, the water cascaded down the incline street, flooding parked cars and the basement of at least one apartment building and two stores.

According to Genaro Parra, the owner of Lena’s Restaurant at 206 E. 198 Street, who stated late Tuesday afternoon, “Yes, we have a lot of water in the basement and we lost a day’s pay.”

Lena’s, which has been serving meals to customers for nearly 30-years, Parra was currently pumping out as much as three-feet of water from his basement.

Lena’s Restaurant on East 198 Street, reported 3-feet of water in the basement after a water main break.–Photo by Jim Velez

Parra confirmed at least one other business was flooded and added that crews from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEP) were currently tearing up East 198 Street to make the emergency repairs.

The DEP later confirmed that a water main had to be shutdown and several apartment buildings in the area were without water. The break was eventually repaired and service was eventually restored.

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