Peace Journalism and Poverty Reduction UN Forum, February 6

Peace Journalism and Poverty Reduction: Rethinking Communication Strategies in Emerging Democracies

The Center for Media and Peace Initiatives invites interested Bronxites and journalists to join its staff at the 56th session of the United Nations Commission for Social Development (CSocD56) to discuss Peace Journalism and Poverty Reduction on February 6. The featured speaker is Olga Zbarskaya, Ph.D., Author of Brainstorm!.
When editors and reporters make choices – about what to report, and how to report it – that create opportunities for society at large to consider and to value non-violent responses to conflict, they are engaged in peace journalism. At the same time, issues that receive attention in the media can also help to reduce or increase poverty.
Although, some media institutions abdicate their social responsibility role to society, a great many media practitioners recognize their roles in poverty reduction, or poverty alleviation by promoting measures, both economic and humanitarian, that are intended to permanently lift people out of poverty.
What is the connection between journalism and poverty reduction? What are the communication strategies that could potentially mitigate poverty in emerging democracies?
Date: February 6th 2018
Venue: Conference Room D.  UN Headquarters, New York
Time: 3pm – 4.30p.m.
Featured Speaker:
Olga Zbarskaya, Ph.D.
Author of Brainstorm!
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