OPINION: God, Guns and the Mentally Ill

Ed Mulraine


It is sad to note the number of men, young and old, who are suffering from some form of mental illness. From paranoid schizophrenia to bipolar disorder, men are literally going insane. Their minds have crashed due to stress, depression, and overwhelming burdens, as well as inherited mental disorders. The number of men who commit suicide is four times greater than that of women. The National Institute of Mental Health states that more than 90 percent of people who commit suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder, most commonly a depressive disorder or a substance abuse disorder.

Since guns are so easily accessible, it is easy for the mentally ill to get guns and hurt themselves, or attack innocent people with weapons of mass destruction. More has to be done politically and judicially to stop guns from getting into the hands of the mentally ill. Rulers and principalities have strengthened their stand on constitutional grounds to prevent politicians from going up against pro-gun lobbyists, and it has resulted in weapons of mass destruction being available to really sick people in society. But since the politicians won’t act, spiritual people must. Spiritual people will have to take the lead. Every M.A.N. will have to put on the helmet of salvation and take up his spiritual armor to prevent violence from influencing him and destroying others. When spiritual people act, men learn to put guns down. They don’t have to wait for Congress to pass a prohibition bill against guns. They can learn to throw the guns away themselves, knowing that their mental condition is not stable.

If you feel you have a mind of destruction that could deteriorate anytime and harm people you love or are angry with, you should take it upon yourself to throw the guns away. Get the guns out of your sight and out of your reach. God will protect you and your family. As I stated earlier, society is not only safer because criminals have been locked up and the mentally ill have been institutionalized, but because minds have been transformed through Christ. And it is because of this transformation that neighborhoods are safer and families are protected.

The helmet of salvation is needed to intervene and save the minds of men, young and old and all those who feel they need to pick up a gun and kill someone. A serious intervention is needed: these methods should include a considerable amount of counseling, with spiritual guidance and biblical understanding at the forefront. We’ve seen enough gun violence in our society, we need more men in God’s army.

Edward Mulraine is a pastor, social justice advocate, writer and educator. He is the author of “The Ten Step M.A.N.” which addresses mental illness.

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