Injured Firefighter in Pelham Bay

By Rich Mancuso

FDNY answered a 911 call and responded to a fire before 9pm Sunday night on the third floor of a building at 1656 Mayflower Avenue in Pelham Bay. Numerous units responded along with emergency personnel.

A firefighter getting to the roof of the building fell 30 feet off an extension ladder and was seriously injured. He was rushed to nearby Jacobi Hospital with back and leg injuries and reportedly remains in stable condition.

Monday morning the 1656 block of Mayfield and Westhester Avenue became a crime scene.   Investigators on the scene said the fire  started in an apartment that was used as a marijuana grow house.

Residents in the community were not aware of any suspected activity coming from the three-family house on the corner of Mayflower and Westchester Avenues.  Investigators are looking into who or if anyone resided in the apartment of the building.

The injured firefighter, is a 38-year old  married father of three. He was part of 12 responding units that were first on the scene and fell on the pavement below off an extension  ladder. Another firefighter was injured and reportedly is doing fine.

The investigation is ongoing and nearby residents were unaware of any suspicious activity of who resided in the house.



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