It’s Out Of Hand In Pelham Bay

By Rich Mancuso

Again this is out of my league. However, and with one hand, due to a car that hit me last week, the question has become about the safety and welfare of residents in the Pelham Bay community. The latest was an alleged suspect who surrendered to police Thursday afternoon in regards to raping a 12-year old girl in a room at the Hutchinson -Whitestone Motel.

And these incidents are too close to come. Citizens App is constantly a source that indicates how this change has effected the Pelham Bay area.

From this perspective and from others, there are daily incidents.  Again, download the Citizens Alert App and the activity speaks for itself.  Robberies at stores from one end of the area to the other. And there are the increased incidents of assaults.

Friday night before last, there was my walk down Westchester Avenue, Approaching the Mayflower pedestrian walk, cautious as always, I was the victim. Hit by a car and thank the good Lord and angels above as it could have been more than a broken index finger.

Point is that walking in your community is a hazard. Vehicles disobey stop and yield signs,  drivers not paying attention due to the importance of paying more attention to their phones. There is a need for additional police and protection for a once and safe community known as Pelham Bay.

Oh, don’t forget the fire a few months ago. The marijuana house on Pilgrim and Westchester Avenue in front of our eyes and resulting in an injured firefighter.

Thing is, when will this community revert to what it once was? From the outside, as a sports observer, this is easy to understand. This society, and largely as a whole, has also changed. But we need the change for a better and it must be done!







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