A Nostalgic Super Bowl Poem From Bronx Football Historian

By Rich Mancuso/ Sports Editor

The big game is Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers. A National holiday for football fans and those who take in the game and watch the commercials. This year advertisers spent close to $5 million for a minute to sell their products.

The anticipated game, though, still can’t get the legitimate reason as to why the NFL waits two weeks for kickoff. The game does not need 14 days to generate the hype and excitement.

Yes, The Chiefs and the 49ers, in Super Bowl LIV, four hours of pre game. Offense of the Chiefs with quarterback Patrick Mahomes,.Defense of the 49ers, and they attempt to stop the passing ability of Mahomes.

Oh, no New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Should be a good one: Pick here: Chiefs – 28 49ers- 17

And here again an excerpt from Bronx football historian Victor Mastrovincenzo and the poem he composed about the Pittsburgh Steelers and their Super Bowl history, “The Glory Of The Black And Gold”

“In the fabled quarter, fall, many Rooney fans will recall, when pigskin tales are told about the glory of the Black and Gold.

Starting with a Bradshaw bomb popping into Franco’s palm, the football did fit wasn’t it immaculate.

The golden winning habit challenged by the Viking violet, coached and taught by Noll, Steelers win one Super Bowl. “

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