You should know, according to news reports, between 46 to 100 elderly New Yorkers have died from the Coronavirus, in a residence center for elderly people in Upper Manhattan, where most residents are Dominicans.

Isabella Geriatric Center located at 515 Audubon Avenue in Upper Manhattan, has been on the Nursing Homes list accused of negligence and hiding information related to patients who died from Coronavirus.

Know that, “God did not do this, faith did not do this, fate did not do this”, it was Governor Andrew Cuomo’s guidelines and actions that have caused more than 3,500 elderly to lose their lives in everything New York State (over 1,000) in New York City.

Responsibility for the staggering amount of COVID-19 deaths in NYC nursing homes can only fall on the feet of Governor Andrew Cuomo. While at the beginning of this month Governor Cuomo refused to give credit to God for the reduction in COVID-19 numbers across the state, hopefully now he does not try to blame God for maladministration in elderly centers and the terrible consequences they caused them.

In a New York Post editorial that appeared on Saturday April 25th and titled ” The investigation is obviously fixed “. The Newspaper says the following… ” The news that Team Cuomo ignored the warnings about the disaster from nursing homes only confirms that the government’s call for an investigation is pure deviation. He’s trying to hold the owners of care centers accountable for decisions made by the state.

The real research should be Why Dr. State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker insisted on sending virus infected patients to nursing homes? From the beginning we all knew that elderly are at greater risk of contracting the Coronavirus.

New York Post pages contain letters from enraged readers sent to the editor. Some of the cards say as follows:

A reader writes the following:

“Elderly homes did not request patients with the Coronavirus. Cuomo ordered these facilities to take them. Overwhelmed and poorly equipped to protect a highly vulnerable population, deaths in nursing homes with Coronavirus were shot. ” I was surprised to see how insensitive and derogatory an elected official could be, especially as about 3,500 residents of nursing homes have lost their lives. The governor’s job should be to protect the elderly and committed due to underlying health issues.

Another reader wrote saying, “It’s a shame what New York did by forcing nursing homes to accept patients with COVID-19, when they tell us that older people with underlying conditions are susceptible to the virus” That patient in institution is someone’s mother or father and the state is sacrificing it.

My dear reader, the blame for these alarming deaths should not lie on the shoulders of frontline workers in our nursing homes. Most people who work in nursing homes do so with a true sense of purpose and mercy to help our vulnerable elderly in need of care. Nursing home workers are exhausted. In too many cases they remain unprotected and without the right EPP equipment. They deserve our sincere support and prayers.

Know that Governor Cuomo’s administration ordered hospitals to send COVID-19 patients to unprepared nursing homes without staff. While these nursing homes in the past would have refused to accept infected patients in their facilities.

Beloved reader, the Bible says, “Your own mouth will condemn you, not me; and your lips will testify against you: Job 15:6. Now Governor Cuomo must use the same words as the same express when things were going well he said” God didn’t do it, faith didn’t, destiny didn’t, “we did it”.

I am Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz and here’s what you should know.

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