EVELINA 100 VOTE! Voter Drive & All-Women Concert

Famed Bronx community organizer, educator and activist Evelina Antonetty.

As part of the 100th birthday anniversary of famed community organizer, educator and activist Evelina Antonettyy (aka “The Hell Lady of the Bronx”), the E100 Centennial Celebration Committee—and its partners—are conducting a citywide voter registration campaign entitled “EVELINA 100 VOTE!” on September 12, 2022. The campaign is comprised of dozens of locations being facilitated by some of NYC’s most respected institutions from the education, non-profit and civic sectors.

Nos Quedamos, Bronx Music Heritage Center (BMHC) and BronxNet have partnered to host the official E100 voter drive and concert (VOTES FOR WOMEN) in the South Bronx at the Bronx Music Hall Plaza from 5pm-7:30pm with a live program that features an outstanding all-female musical lineup: Oxil Febles, Rae Da Vine, Sofia Tosello, Monica Meaux, Antoinette Montague, Marilyn Castillo, Mikaela Curet, Bharati Kemraj and more! Register to vote and get your groove on, too!

Bronx Music Hall Plaza is located at 438 E. 163rd St, The Bronx, NY 10451.


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