EBHF Bronx Woman, Weds 7:30pm March 18th & Toby Liederman Sat Mar. 21th 1:00pm- Museum of Bronx History

March is Woman in Bronx History Month!
Please participate  on Weds Night, March 18th at the Huntington Free Library,
with a small presentation of your own selection.  ( see attached Press Release)
Please email me with your selection !!
Please come out and support our own member, Toby as she leads a free lecture
on “Early Bronx Woman” Sat. March 21st at 1pm BCHS, 3266 Bainbridge Avenue.
Thank you
In February 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued a presidential proclamation declaring March 8, as National Women’s History Week.  Presidential proclamations have since designated March as Women’s History Month.
The Huntington Free Library and The East Bronx History Forum are pleased to announce the Forum’s 4th Annual “Woman in Bronx History” meeting will be on Wednesday March 18th 2015 at 7:30pm.
Recently, the Bronx and all of America lost Bronx woman that contributed greatly to the national scene.
The East Bronx History Forum will remember, Bess Myerson, Lauren Bacall and Eydie Gorme along with many others.
Members and guests are encouraged, but not required to bring a 2- 5 minute description of their choice
for inclusion in our member report during our 4th annual Bronx woman program.  The East Bronx History Forum expects that this year participation will exceed the large and varied contributions of our past Bronx Woman in Bronx History reports.   The selections will include woman of the past and current Bronx History and could include a family member.  During past events, we were pleased to have at our meeting, woman, selected by the Borough President as Bronx achievers.
Members are free to reselect prior selections and add their own information.  It is interesting to note that “Woman in Bronx History” included Actresses, Authors & Artists; Botanist & Business women; Settlers, Scientist & Sculptors; Environmentalists & Educators; and Poets & Politicians.
Who is your favorite woman in Bronx History?  Does Brooke Shields, Lindsey Lohan or Scarlett Johansson qualify?  Come and find out all the details.
All meetings are free and open to the public at The Huntington Free Library and Reading Room, located at 9 Westchester Square, Bronx next to the Apple Bank.  Parking is free after 7 pm
Please view the East Bronx History Forum web page at BronxNYC.com for details, or follow us on Facebook.
Please join us at 7:30 pm, Wednesday March 18thth 2015 at the Huntington Free Library.
A Look At Early Bronx Woman
What we now know as The Bronx in the 1600s was an unnamed wilderness. Courageous pioneers, men and woman, settled here in a time of uncertainty. In celebration of Women’s History Month, Toby Z. Liederman, women’s advocate and coordinator of Anne Hutchinson annual events, will provide a brief story of the women who settled here in the 17th and 18th centuries with their families. Guests are encouraged to share their own accounts about women in Bronx history. This free public lecture will be held at The Museum of Bronx History, located at 3266 Bainbridge Avenue, The Bronx, New York 10467. For directions, please call (718) 881- 8900
Feel free to share this with anyone, and if you can make it, it would be a pleasure to have you.
Angel Hernandez, Education Coordinator
The Bronx County Historical Society
3309 Bainbridge Avenue
The Bronx, New York 10467
(718) 881-8900 / fax (718) 881-4827
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